Sunday, May 6, 2012

Solidarity with yout neighbor: Samson's Unit shelter

Shaun Polly, founder of Samson's Unit, writes:
I put this out back in December 2011.
We have never received help from a church or organization.
We continue to hold down Samson's Unit with little food, payment plans on bills, and the risk of being evicted by Fannie Mae because they want to sell the house out right.
Every Day i Pray Christ returns and destroys everything in this world because all have gone astray!

2011-12-21 "I have a system that can solve the Vallejo Homeless Epidemic" by Shaun Polly from "Samson's Unit" men's shelter
 We got two more guys in today. That's a total of four men at Samson's Unit. The two guys that we took in today are former Marines. One 30 and the other 25. They are both really awsome brothers. I have been talking with them getting to know them alot better. I found out today that our eldest resident Mr. Yancey age 53 lost his wife a year ago and lost his home in a fire recently in El Sobrante. Before Mr. Yancey was here he biked 12 miles a day to Mare Island where he works at Blu Homes. We are able to hook him up with rides now and make him breakfast where he once did not have before work. At Samson's Unit Mens Sober Living Home we are able to not only help out 4 amazing guys so far but three of them are Veterans. The lord is really starting to move it is amazing to see this mens' home starting to form! Three of the guys we have here we have taken out of the Christian Help Center. CHC is Vallejo's only Homeless Shelter. Months back i got CHC on video saying there is not enough room for all the homeless there. You can find that video under Freedom Edibles videos. I truly know that i can change Vallejo for good and put a dent in the homeless epidemic. As well as the Crack Cocaine epidemic! I have been going by the homeless shelter everyday for a week now since we have had Samson's Unit open. I have discovered there are alot of Sober men down on there luck only needing a little encouragement. Only needing a place they can call home. I truly know we have a great system that is founded on the Love of Jesus Christ. I have done nothing but love love love these brothers that are here. I see the love of Christ coming out of there souls because of it Praise be to God the most high most most most high!!! I feel more complete everyday working with the homeless and getting them off the streets of Vallejo, Ca. The streets of Vallejo are as dangerous as they come. We have one of the highest homicide rates in the nation! I have also discovered there is a brother at the shelter who has a terminal illness. He gets about 600 bucks a month he needs a apartment or his own space. He has Sclerosis of the Liver! He knows the lord Jesus Christ he just needs help with finding his own place. Another discovery is Vallejo has alot of Homeless Mental People running around with no where to go. The CHC has no where for people with Mental Problems to go. I cant take them here around men who are recovering from drugs and alcohol. But we can run another mens' home that is dedicated to the homeless men of Vallejo who have mental problems. It's gonna take some help to do it can't do it alone. Eventually I know God will help me to accomplish this. I have much much bigger goals of having Women's Homes And Family Homes. Who knows maybe God will eventually bless me with a fully operative Homeless Shelter one day? I truly know in time with the proper help i can get over 90% of Homeless people off the streets of Vallejo. I know what you are saying 90% thats too high a number. In 5 days i have taken 3 guys out of the Vallejo Homeless Shelter. It has taken that long because nobody wants to donate or help. With the proper donations and help i truly know i can make the Homeless shelter empty. In this system God gave me i truly know i can all-most eliminate the Homeless epidemic of Vallejo,Ca. And have a spot for any Homeless person housing Woman, Men, and Children with what ever issues they have. Through Sober living, Special treatment for the Mental Ill, Victims of Violence, and alot of other bases i didn't mention.
God Bless Us all and a good night from Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home.

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