Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vallejo GA weekly update

Howdy y'all, and Greetings of Solidarity,
We are here, now, defending our way of life against the selfish few who are remaking the entire system to suit their own greed for "the good life" at the cost of anything we hold dear, such as peace, freedom, and a fair deal. The same type of individuals who favor getting rid of Human Rights also favor implementing a regime which enforces poverty and a prison system larger than even the old Gulag of the USSR (footnote 1) with privatized services and slave-labor for military contractors (footnote 2)... and that's just the tip of the ice-berg of what we observe that is already going wrong in California and the USA. It's time to sit up and think about how we can change our system, now, for the sake of all of humanity and ourselves here in the San Pablo Bay.
We have been through it all, and we are ready to step up to help our neighbors, for the sake of ourselves.
We can practice self-sufficiency through a network of solidarity, to sustain ourselves in times of campaign and crises... we can support people on strike, under foreclosure, under stress without daycare options, seniors and disabled being evicted... 
All it takes is Just Us.
Each of you has the gift of having experienced some kind of civil disobedience. In some way or another, we are all breaking the law, now, we are all under suspicion, like in any other kind of fascist state. We know what's been going on, since the days of Nixon the situation has shown inflation, debasement, permanent ghettos, and "trickle-down" economics, homelessness, skyrocketing autism and cancer, wars without end both here at home and across the world...
YET WE CAN END THIS, here, locally and regionally, using the gift of solidarity. Each of us can only do so much, but what we can do together amounts to moving mountains.
Can any of you volunteer for any of the following?
* Help research for a directory of solidarity groups we will post online for all of us to have on hand. This resource directory would include Fair Housing and Tenants Rights organizations, human rights campaigns, unions, churches, non-profits and others who share our interests at heart.
* Help with workshops on organizing solidarity, in which we shall invite members of groups we have researched to speak to us about tactics and opportunities for our cause.
* Write press releases notifying journalists about what's happening to us, and how we are dealing with it through using solidarity.

Ongoing campaigns:
* Occupy the Yard!
A homeless shelter in Vallejo has been foreclosed on, and need your solidarity to keep them going.
130 Jordan st. Vallejo CA 94591
They have public gatherings every Saturday, at 1pm. and are speaking at the upcoming Vallejo Mayday gathering at City Hall.
Please write Judge Terrye Davis and ask the judge to dismiss are case. Remind the judge that Fannie Mae has 10 empty houses to every homeless person. Remind the judge that 1 out of every 4 homeless are Veterens that have fought for are freedom! Judge Terrye Davis: Superior Court of California- Solano Justice Building-321 Tuolumne St. Vallejo, Ca 94591 case#FCM128502

Upcoming events:
* 2012-04-20 (Friday), Occupy Earthday!
5pm, Richmond BART station and 6pm at Richmond Civic Center

Vallejo Mayday!
* May 1st, Tuesday, at 10:30am until 12:30pm.
Gathering at the steps of Vallejo City Hall [555 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo, California 94590]
Speakers from unions, colleges and the community. Music and Poets.
Carpool will be available for the journey to the massive Mayday gathering in Oakland at Fruitvale BART.
Location: 555 Santa Clara Street,Vallejo, CA 94591, on the Steps of City Hall.
"Mayday, Mayday! We, the People, are under distress!"
On May 1st, people of the Community, Students, and Labor across the USA are coming together in solidarity in defense of Human Rights and Freedom, to loudly express their desire for a system that works for the people. Unions are being broken, schools are being dumbed-down and converted to private management, homeless people are being terrorized while homes lay vacant…
In Solano county, we have seen an extremist political ideology taking root in Vallejo, one which serves the interests of real-estate agents and not those in need. Vallejo’s Mayor Osby Davis recently described his vision as Mayor: “Vallejo cannot help those in need, nor should it.” [2012-03-16 “Annual Prayer Breakfast” video from the Vallejo Faith Organization]. His administration is currently privatizing as many basic services as possible. This is same pattern happening across Solano County, which can be seen with amount of activity by the regional Tea Parties at the local government civic-services forums where they advocate for the abolishment of subsidies for seniors for public transportation, and other cruel and unusual punishments for people who are not of the upper class.
We, the People, say no more of that. We stand in solidarity for all the People.
We ask that you join us in solidarity on the steps of Vallejo City Hall.

* 3pm gathering at Fruitvale BART station in Oakland, with labor unions, students, parents, and everybody else.
* The Police may attack under a directive of suppression, so carry a camera with you at all times for documentation. Remember, the Oakland General Strike of last November was entirely peaceful, as was the Westcoast "General Strike" of December. We are the People, and we are peaceful with eachother.
* If you want to take Mayday off from work but want some backup in case your boss harasses you for doing it, be sure to check out the flier attached to this email. The contact info from the flier is: "Call or text the tip line at 510.610.2512 or e-mail". Download a printable copy of the flier here []
2012-01-16 "Hands Off Our Homes!" []:
Support your neighbors!
 End inhumane foreclosure practices!!
Advocate for a county-wide Foreclosure Moratorium!!!
 And advocate for the enforcement of Vallejo’s vacant building code which holds banks accountable to upkeep properties they hold.
 6:30 at Vallejo City Hall, during the City Council meeting on January 17th and 31st
 For more information, contact:
 “Hands Of Our Homes”:
 Joel Schor: 510-219-9489;

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